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Quest in the European district of Brussels

Print the documents and go on a missing persons search in the European district of Brussels.  This way you can discover the European institutions and many interesting facts.

Discover the European district in Brussels, a part of Brussels that many never visit. Using your printed police dossier and a map of the European district, you will search for the missing 'Eugène Ryckevelde.' The quest will take you from Schuman Square to Palace Square (near Brussels Central). It is preferable to undertake this quest in groups of up to 6 people, although you can, of course, split up if needed. With this quest, Europahuis Ryckevelde highlights Brussels as the capital of the European Union.


  • Type of material: printable quest (16 pages) with a map.
  • Languages: Dutch and English.
  • Additional documents: there is an accompanying practical guide (when and where to go, what to bring...).
  • Cost: You can download the quest for FREE.
  • Last update: August 2023.

Download all the necessary documents for 'Missing person search' in Brussels below. We wish you a pleasant and fascinating quest. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at

This quest is suitable for participants aged 16 and above.


Map - This is a map of the European district and also the key to the solution. Print it multiple times, once to seek the solution and the others to find your way.

Police Report - This document contains the route description and tasks. To carry out the quest, print both this police report and the map.

Please note: this document is displayed in landscape format. For a good result, you may need to manually adjust the print settings on some printers. A black-and-white version is sufficient for the quest, although it is more visible in color.

Quest ready? View the solution here.