What does your ideal Europe look like? Europe House Ryckevelde wants all generations to take part in shaping their Europe of the future. Therefore the organization turns complex European themes into clear information for students, youngsters and adults, and strengthens people to participate at EU level.

Europe House Ryckevelde is a Belgian non-profit organisation, founded in 1956.



Making European issues accessible

A truly unified Europe can only exist with the support of the Europeans. Therefore it is important that people know how the EU functions, that they are able to form their own opinion about it and that they have the competences to participate at EU-level.

What we do

Europe House Ryckevelde uses interactive methodologies to make people experience how the EU functions. It creates and runs workshops, role-plays and simulation exercises about the EU and about European current issues like the migration crisis and the Brexit. The organization makes use of the close contact with students, young people and adults to also create interactive tools and educational material about the EU.

Since 1956

The organisation was founded as a ‘Centre of Europe’ by Karel Verleye in 1956. As a pioneer of the European cooperation, he was also co-founder of the College of Europe in Bruges in 1949.



Contact us via info@europahuis.be or +32 (0)50 / 35 27 20. Click here for an overview of all employees and their contact details (in Dutch). Our office is located in Bruges, Belgium:

Sint-Baafskerkstraat 7/0001

8200 Sint-Andries