Discover Brussels’ European district, a piece of Brussels where only few tourists end up. With the printed documents and a map of the quarter, you try to find the missing ‘Eugene Ryckevelde’. Your quest will lead you from the Schuman Square to the Place Royal (close to Brussels Central Station). This adventure quest is done in small groups from 2-6 persons. You can split up in several groups when there are more people. 

This adventure quest was originally designed for the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2010 and has been regularly updated since. With this quest, Europe House Ryckevelde puts the spotlight on Brussels as the capital of the European Union. The activities cover aspects of the European collaboration as well as facts about the European Union and quarter. This adventure quest is a fun and educational way to spend an enjoyable day out and discover Europe in/and Brussels! (English translation thanks to BIP - Brussels Info Place.)

The Dutch and English versions of the adventure quest are regularly updated.


Target group

Pupils from 16 years old, students, adults. Everyone from the age of 16 will enjoy this adventure quest.


  • Sort material: Documents to be printed
  • Languages: Dutch and English
  • Extra documents: There is a practical guide (where, when to go…).
  • Price: You can download everything for free.
  • Latest update: 2017


Download the documents

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